Apply below to be in the parade. Be a part of the pageantry.


Parade Donation
To help defray the costs of Hollis Old Home Days events, we have
suggested the donation schedule below for parade participants
Themed floats, marching bands, non-profit organizations, community organizations $0
Antique vehicles and other vehicles without commercial or company identification or advertising $0
Commercial vehicles or displays for a "for profit" company with no themed decorations $100
Commercial vehicles or displays for a "for profit" company that is also an exhibitor (has a booth)
at Hollis Old Home Days
State and Federal Political Candidates "campaigning" for an elected office or groups representing same $0
All Hollis residents with "Tails" (dogs, cats, donkeys, cows, goats, llamas, you name it,
if it has a "tail" it qualifies) can join the Tail Marchers showing support for the Humane Society
We always welcome all of our local elected, Hollis and State Political Officials including
Selectmen, House Reps, Senators, Executive Councilors, etc. to join in the parade with
no donation (though donations DO help) and thank you for your diligent work in our community!

Parade Application

Please complete the form below.

FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS: We will mail (or email) all parade participants an information package noting detailed line-up times and locations and other information regarding this grand parade.

Watch the Parade

Steps off at 10:30am on Saturday of Old Home Days from the Hollis Brookline Middle School thru Monument Square and finishes at Nichols Field.